5 Most Expensive Hotels in The World
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5 Most Expensive Hotels in The World

May 17, 2023 Share

With price tags well over the 40,000 dollars per night, here are 5 of the most expensive hotel stays in the entire world.

At nightly prices higher than what one may pay for an actual house, the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world are nothing short of insane. Since prices do range from $40,000.00 per night upwards, a nightly stay in any of these places is limited to a very small elite. Equipped with penthouses, massage tables, and views of all kinds, here are the world’s top most expensive hotels in 2022.

The Muraka Suite – The Conrad, Maldives ($50,000.00 per night)

Image courtesy of @sabrina_chakici
Image courtesy of See From The Sky

A bed underwater surrounded by Maldivian sharks is likely what makes this stay so expensive, but equally so worth it. Set inside a dome in the depths of the ocean, even brushing your teeth becomes an experience at The Conrad. Truth be told though, you do pay the price for it.

Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite. – Genève, Switzerland, ($80,000.00 per night)

Image courtesy of Marriott
Image courtesy of Marriott

There’s not surprise that one of the most expensive hotels in there world would be located in Switzerland. Turns out, in the grand scheme of things, it is also one of the most understated ones, albeit absolutely huge in size. Taking over the entire 8th floor of the hotel (1,680 sqm), a plethora of guest bedrooms and ultimate Swiss luxury justify the steep price tag in this European haven.

The Plaza – New York, USA ($40,000.00 per night)

Terrace Room. Image courtesy of The Plaza
Palm Court. Image courtesy of The Plaza

With some of the best and most exclusive views of New York, this suite comes well equipped with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a 24h butler service, as well as all the perks and benefits of enjoying New York with true glitz and glamor.

Palms Casino Resort Empathy Suite – Las Vegas ($100,000.00 per night)

Image courtesy of Palms Casino Resort
Image courtesy of Palms Casino Resort

With an interior design worthy of any Las Vegas goer looking to stay in a place that reflects the city’s bustling nightlife, look no further than the Empathy Suite. A huge private pool, games room, two massage rooms, a sauna, and curated Damien Hurst artwork are only some of the features of this exceptional stay. Worth booking to find out the rest.

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine – St. Lucia ($175,000.00 per night)

Image courtesy of Oliver’s Travels
Image courtesy of Oliver’s Travels

You may have to look at that price tag twice before booking, because this is one of the hotels who’s price tag hurts to even look at – and it also happens to be the most expensive stay in the world. Set in a submerged submarine with a private chef and butler, a stay at the lovers deep quite literally submerges you into the Caribbean.

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