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Verity Bowditch | Going Global, Being A Bad Cook And Loving The Dead Bug

Today DDW sat down with reality star, entrepreneur, business co-founder and pilates instructor, Verity Bowditch. With her radiating beauty and warming smile, this ambitious 26-year old was more than happy to talk about her road to success and beyond.

I noticed straight away that her calming voice and soothing interactions were only just the beginning of what the star had to offer. With ripples of giggles and a fun-going attitude, she sat up straight and invited us into her unique way of life.

The Soft Clean Sands In Dorset Brought Verity Bowditch Closer to Home

Dorset is blessed with the Jurassic coast that contains a remarkable stretch of shoreline 200 million years old. History has shaped dramatic rock formations along the coast and still throws up an occasional prehistoric fossil. 

With watersports, tropical gardens and world-famous beaches, Dorset certainly delivers. However, there is one particular place hidden along the coastline of  Southern England that holds a special place inside Verity Bowditch’s heart- her family home near Ringstead Bay.

Verity Bowditch found herself forever wandering onto the soft beaches of Ringstead Bay. Not only is the beach known for holding precious treasures of the past but the clean natural bay stretches for miles and curves around the hills, hugging a refreshing crystal blue ocean. 

The hidden gem has a pebble and shingle beach with sands that are as soft as Egyptian cotton. This is the place where Bowditch goes to escape. Her own private island to think, rejuvenate and reset her mind.

Verity Bowditch

“My journey is really just about saying yes to everything that one sees, not shying away from anything and putting myself in the deep end. Having self-belief and confidence is key to success.”

Growing up Bowditch was hugely inspired to help the environment during her childhood upbringing as her mother helped rescue multiple animals at home. 

The star was also brought up to only eat vegetarian food which gave her an immense insight into the plant-based lifestyle. 

“You don’t have to be killing animals or sacrificing lives to have a good meal”

However, when it comes to her deep fiery passions, her path to success started off a bit differently from where she is now. It all came down to her love of science. 

From Studying Biomedical Science In University To Staring In A Reality Show 

“Some of the happiest times of my life was studying, I just loved learning – I know, such a geek!”

With her dream of becoming a doctor altered, Verity Bowditch ended up graduating from King’s College in London, with a degree in Biomedical Science – specializing in Epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the study of how your environment affects what you eat. Your genes play an important role in your health, but so do your behaviours and environment, such as what you eat and how physically active you are. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.

Verity Bowditch
Verity Bowditch

When it came to finding her dream job, Bowditch ended up jet-setting the world whilst selling event technology to numerous clients around the globe. 

She also worked as a Sales Executive and Accounts Manager. In an interview with OK, she explained that she would mostly be involved “in pitching proposals, drawing up quotes, negotiating deals and overseeing the final project.’ Some of her clients included Body Power, Waitrose and The Telegraph.

However, Bowditch explains that she wasn’t truly satisfied with the path she was walking on. She wanted to somehow combine her love for business and sales with her passion for science.

In 2019 she caught her mainstream breakthrough after being invited to be a part of the UK channel 4 series, Made in Chelsea.

“I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into when it started. It’s an absolute whirlwind of emotion.”

– Verity Bowditch

Living through real-life while the world judges you is not the easiest thing to do but according to Bowditch, even though the show had its ups and downs, it still gave her an opportunity to stand out.

“I love it so much and I feel like I am so lucky to have it in my life to use it as a platform and to be able to do other things with it.” 

This Clean Kitchen Co-Founder Believes It’s All About Healthy Eating And Self Love  

With the 2019 national pandemic and worldwide lockdown in place, all filming had to temporarily be put on pause. 

However, this did not dampen the ambitious blonde’s mood as little did she know, an opportunity to combine her passions rose after meeting Mikey Pearce.

Verity Bowditch

Mikey Pearce, a social media personality and YouTube sensation started the plant-based food brand during the lockdown period and bought the idea into London. After meeting Bowditch through a local running club, he invited her to join him as a co-founder of his business called Clean Kitchen

“I am incredibly lucky to have the best business partner in the entire world. He constantly inspires and motivates me and pushes me to be a better person. Together we are an absolute dream team.”

Now, the pair hope to use their knowledge and tools to push Clean Kitchen to become the number one plant-based outlet in the UK in 2 years time.

“The three things I love about living a plant-based diet all just led to Clean Kitchen. It aligns with all my values. I love living a plant-based lifestyle. It has so many benefits to your health and wellbeing and I am hugely passionate about saving the lives of animals and of course sustainably.”

Their aim is to bring vegan to the mainstream. To educate people about it and to change peoples perception of plant-based options.

The Pilates Queen Admits That She Is Actually A Really Bad Cook

“I really want to be that woman who came from a reality show and has now moved on to having her own business, running a team and how inspiring that can be.”

Bowditch is determined to make vegan food “mainstream” with mouth-watering choices of plant-based truffle burgers and loaded fries. Her go-to meal is the banging chicken and bacon tikka salad.

The funny thing is, Bowditch claims that she is a bad cook despite the fact that she has a plant-based restaurant chain. But wants people to know that if you are thinking of going purely plant-based, you will genuinely feel so much better within yourself.

Not only is Bowditch content with running a hugely successful restaurant chain but also decided to branch out into teaching live pilates online. With 150 000 followers on Instagram alone, the pilates queen is now reaching over 2000 people.

“Pilates for me is my type of medication. I love the dead bug position the most. I can really switch off and just focus on myself and what my body needs to achieve. I really want to try to accomplish the open leg rocker, it’s a move I’m dying to learn next”

Verity Bowditch Has A Message For All Those Looking To Grow And Succeed  

Verity Bowditch

When asked about what the message of “Don’t Die Wondering” means to her, Verity Bowditch’s response was simply this:

“Just do whatever you really enjoy because if you’re not enjoying what you’re currently doing now – quit! What’s the point of doing something that is making you unhappy”

The free-spirited star then told us that she had no clue about restaurants but believed in self-belief. Her motto in life is that if you simply work hard enough, you can achieve anything you want in the world. 

In fact, one thing Bowditch would love to do before she dies is to go on a carbon-neutral balloon into space- because why not?

“I always try to live life to the fullest and I definitely will not die wondering. Just get it done. Stop thinking about things – just do them!” 

– Verity Bowditch