Ultra 310LX Jet Ski


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The Ultra 310LX is without a doubt the flagship of the Kawasaki Jet Ski fleet. Metallic paint and chrome accents give this luxurious three-seater powerhouse an extra stylish appearance. This Kawasaki JetSki also distinguishes itself with unique features such as the Jetsound audio system and the LXuryseat with a heat-resistant cover.

All-digital Instrumentation: The all-digital instrumentation makes use of a single, highly legible LCD display. A revised design adds a higher quality image and increases visibility of some of the features.

Jetsound: For those who feel life is better with a soundtrack, and do not want to be without music when blasting across the water on a supercharged JET SKI, the new Jetsound audio system was made for you!

Electric Trim-control System: This convenient system allows the angle of the jet pump nozzle to be controlled electrically (step-free adjustment range is +/- 8° from STD), making it easier for riders to adjust the attitude of the hull to suit water surface conditions and riding style. In rough water, angling the jet pump upwards raises the bow for rough water handling.

Electronic Throttle Valves: Electronic throttle valves efficiently manage the engine’s massive power output. They also make minute engine control possible, enabling easy switching between riding modes.

One-touch 5 mph Mode: This handy mode is used in “No Wake” zones. It regulates engine speed to maintain a forward speed of 5 mph (8 km/h).

Marine 1,498 cm3 In-line Four Engine: Fitted with a supercharger and intercooler, the liquid-cooled 1,498 cm3, In-line 4-cylinder marine engine that propels the ULTRA 310 Series models forward with an exhilarating rush of acceleration produces an output much greater than a normally aspirated engine of the same displacement.

Lightweight Hull: Like that of its predecessor, the deep-V hull design enables a high bank angle, motorcycle-like turning performance.

Waterproof aluminium case: System is compatible with iPod and iPhone, other smartphones, and other audio players that have stereo pin jack output. The system can even play music files from a USB memory stick.

5-way Adjustable Handle: The models of the ULTRA 310 Series feature a 5-way adjustable handle that suits a wide range of riders and riding styles, allowing either standup or sit-down riding.