The Smart Garden 3 + 3×3-pack


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What it is:

A four piece set containing a Smart Garden + a variety of herbs, greens and fruits that let’s you try growing just about any type of plant at least once. 

Perfect for:

The one who wants to try everything. The one who can’t choose at a restaurant. Here’s your chance to try almost every type of Click & Grow plant! Grow herbs, fruits, leafy greens and a flower to with zero effort with this set.  With the smaller set you’ll get to enjoy the aromatic lavender, the fun strawberry, the healthy green lettuce and the basil that comes with the starter kit. With the larger set you’ll get to try out 3 different salad greens (Romaine Lettuce, Arugula, Green Sorrel), 3 different fruits & veggies (yellow tomato, wild strawberry and chili pepper) and 3 different herbs (Thyme, dwarf basil, marjoram). Try everything at least once, choose your favorite(s) and make sure you never run out in the future!

You’ll get:

A Smart Garden that’ll do all the work for you + a variety set of plant pods that’ll last you for a year!