Sea Island Forge Hand Twisted Roasting Forks & Quiver


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The Hand Twisted Roasting Forks elevate the roasting and toasting experience whether it’s marshmallows or gourmet sausages and hot dogs. With a 6” removable handle, the Forks are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. A perfect way to store and carry the Hand Twisted Roasting Forks, our custom Quiver is made with hand waxed canvas, a leather strap handle, oil tanned leather detailing, and copper rivets. The Quiver can accommodate up to 8 of our Forks.


  • – Overall length of 29” including a 6″ removable handle
  • – Quiver made with hand waxed canvas and a leather strap handle
  • – Oil tanned leather and copper rivet details
  • – Includes 1 quiver, 4 forks
  • – Can accommodate up to 8 of our Forks