Rye Cask Rum


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Each release from Don Papa surpasses the last. And the brand-new Rye Cask Rum is no exception…

The maturation in spicy American rye whiskey barrels for four years adds a peppery warmth, fresh mint and dark chocolate notes to Don Papa’s velvety smooth honey, vanilla, oak and fruitcake flavours. That combination probably makes Don Papa Rye Cask Rum this winter’s finest postprandial tot.

The guy on the bottle with the chameleon tail moustache and bat wing eye patch is Dionisio Magbuelas, better known as Papa Isio. He was one of the heroes in the Philippines’ fight for independence from both their Spanish and American colonisers in the late-1800s and early-1900s. Unfortunately, he died while imprisoned in Manila in 1911, not living to see the country eventually regain its independence in 1946. This spectacular rum represents a more modern era, one in which the Philippines and the USA can work more collaboratively, combining the former’s spirit with the latter’s finely coopered oak casks. Hopefully Papa Isio would have approved. 

The Philippines has a noble history of sugar cane production. Their rich, sweet, much-prized molasses is packed with fruity flavours, earning it the local nickname “Black Gold”. Using the finest sugar cane, Don Papa make their rum in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon. And Don Papa will always be special because it was the very first single-island rum from the Philippines, one of the largest markets for rum in the world. Since bursting on to the UK rum scene, it has developed a cult following and rare releases like this one sell out rapidly.