Eeyo 1s Electric Bike


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The Eeyo 1S performance is tuned perfectly for my aggressive riding style. In sport mode, the 250W Smartwheel starts powering the single-speed Gates Carbon Drive from the first downward press of the pedal for instant starts. The Smartwheel is super efficient, using just 4.4Wh of energy per mile (2.7Wh per kilometer) based on that 28.3 mile (45.6 km) test result. My equally aggressive VanMoof riding, for comparison, yields about 37 miles (60 km) from a 504Wh battery, or 13.6Wh of battery consumed per mile (8.4Wh per kilometer). The 42 pound (19 kg) VanMoof bikes also weigh significantly more than the 26.4 pound (12 kg) Eeyo 1S, while costing less than half as much.