Droog Moto DM-018 Mini-Fighter


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Droog Moto’s angular, distinct designs are now available in a smaller package with the DM-018 Mini-Fighter. The reduced size doesn’t mean Droog skimped on features, as engine choices range from 125cc to 190cc, with a custom intake, exhaust, and digital fuel injection. This makes for a top speed of at least 65 mph, with all engine parameters available in a compact digital instrument cluster. Styling takes Droog’s unique vision and downscales it perfectly for the platform, with trademark cues like solid wheels and scrambler tires present. Each DM-018 is built to order with nearly any option on the table that the customer can think up. The final price will be determined by the upgrades and changes the customer selects; all modifications and upgrades are available post-purchase as each bike is built in collaboration with Droog.