Campaign Chest


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A unique partnership among Southern artisans, our Campaign Chest is an expression of the fellowship at the heart of the sporting tradition—a shared toast, or two, in appreciation of a fine day outdoors.

The expert woodworkers at Alabama Sawyer build each Campaign Chest by hand in Birmingham, Alabama using locally sourced American black walnut and sassafras. A stunning matchbook facing opens to reveal intricate interior detail work and solid brass hardware.

In the heart of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, the glass artisans at Terrane hand blow four decanters and twelve old-fashioned glasses expressly for each Campaign Chest. Each decanter has a distinctive square shape and its own identifying stopper, while the twelve old-fashioned glasses offer a pleasing heft.

Metal artist Ann Ladson’s elegant bar flatware and cocktail spears complete the Campaign Chest. Available in a variety of configurations and materials, Ann makes each piece by hand in Charleston, South Carolina.


  • Black walnut and sassafras wood chest
  • 12 old-fashioned glasses
  • 4 hand-blown decanters