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Meet DDW Member Of The Month, Amber Doig-Thorne!

We love getting to know our Don’t Die Wondering society members and we would love for you to get to know them, too. 

That’s why we have decided to bring a new feature to DDW Magazine – our Member Of The Month! 

The DDW society is full of creative, aspirational and interesting people from a wide range of industries, so it’s time we introduced you to them. With each new month, we’ll be speaking to a member of our exclusive events society – as selected by the DDW committee – about their lives, careers and upcoming projects. 

Our first member of the month is actress, comedian, content creator and presenter Amber Doig-Thorne. We sat down with Amber this week to get to know a little more about her and all the exciting new things she has in the pipeline…

Hi, Amber! Despite everything going on, 2020 was still a pretty big year for you – you were awarded Best Actress at the Falcon International Film Festival for your double role in New Born. Can you tell us a little about that?

New Born was so much fun to work on. It’s a sci-fi film based not too far in the future. It’s set in a society where everyone has AI robots in their house, specifically a brand called “Angie” to help around the house like a personal assistant. In the film, I play the Angie AI, as well as two previous versions of the AI. It’s a really interesting film, following the slightly older different version of the AI – her interactions with her owner and also the older version of herself. The director was such a pleasure to work with and really gave me the freedom to play with the different versions of the character. And it was such an honour winning best actress!

What was it like having to play two characters at once?

It’s quite complex but incredibly rewarding! I’ve worked on around four or five films where I’ve played multiple characters and I absolutely love it. One of my favourite things about acting is having the opportunity to become someone else for a day – discovering the character, finding their mannerisms and personality traits and moulding yourself into that role. So, playing two or three roles in one project is always a great challenge, but it’s certainly worth it when you see the final cut of the film! 

Over the years, you’ve done science fiction, horror, comedy and more. What would you say is your favourite genre to play in?

I honestly couldn’t choose just one! I love different genres for different reasons. I’ll always love comedy – since I first started acting, comedy has always come quite naturally to me. I’ve been writing, producing and performing in my own comedy sketches since 2016 and I was recently commissioned by the BBC as a comedy writer/performer for BBC Three’s Laugh Lessons – we filmed my sketch last month and it will be released soon on BBC iPlayer! 

Horror and thrillers are other genres that I absolutely love. I’ll be completely terrified when watching those types of films but I love the suspense! I’ve also always been fascinated by period dramas, so it would be a dream to work on a show like Bridgerton or The Great.

Are there any acting projects, in particular, that stand out as a career highlight so far?

The Seven was my first lead role in a feature film and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I was incredibly lucky to work with such a wonderful cast and crew – everyone was so welcoming and we quickly became a big family! The director and producers were so supportive and really made me feel comfortable on set, especially as we were working with some Hollywood heavyweights. I’ve actually worked with the same team on another feature film called R.I.A (or Override in American markets) where I play a fabulously eccentric Talk Show host – a character who could be compared to Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games. That is going to be released soon!

Was acting always the path that you wanted to take in life? How did you get started?

I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl but I never knew if it was achievable! I’ve always been very independent and I had this whole plan when I was a teenager. I was going to go to university, study theoretical physics, graduate and become an FX trader for 5 years, then retire with enough savings to fund myself to go through drama school and not have to worry about a side job. 

However, within my last year at university I started acting in student films and web series, gaining as much experience I could in front of the camera and by the time I had graduated, I was working regularly on a variety of independent projects. I’ve been incredibly fortunate since then and have been blessed to work back-to-back on a variety of wonderful projects. 

You’re also an established presenter, having sat down to interview everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Phoebe Waller-Bridge! How did you get involved in that line of work?

When I started posting my comedy sketches online, I started gaining followers – I now have over 3 million combined followers across my social media platforms, which I’m incredibly grateful for! Within 6 months of posting these videos, I had started to work with a variety of brands – especially global film studios like Warner Bros, Disney, Lionsgate, Universal, Sony etc., where I would create bespoke photo and video content to support their upcoming film releases. 

Shortly after, Paramount Pictures reached out to me and asked if I’d like to interview Nina Dobrev for XXX: Return of Xander Cage, which of course I agreed to – I grew up watching The Vampire Diaries and think Nina is just incredible – and the rest is history! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to interview over 60 actors and filmmakers in the last couple of years and have also had the opportunity to sit down with Al Gore, Former US Vice President, to discuss his stance on global warming, which was certainly a highlight!

What’s been your favourite interview so far and why?

I’m so grateful to have interviewed so many incredibly talented individuals and I’m very lucky as they’ve all been such wonderful experiences! If I had to select a few interviews which were my favourites, I’d say Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, the cast of Mission Impossible: Fallout (Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, Angela Bassett, Rebecca Ferguson), Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Thandiwe Newton!

I hugely appreciate the work of everyone I interview. The names I’ve just mentioned are individuals whose acting styles and careers I’ve been admiring for many years, so it was a real honour to have the opportunity to speak to them and discuss their roles, whilst also getting to know their personalities a little better, too! I love being able to sit down and have a relaxed chat with so many interesting people – I usually play a fun game with them, which people really seem to enjoy watching, as you really get to see the actors personality more than you would in just a standard Q&A. All my Celebrity interviews can be watched on my YouTube channel!

So, you mentioned you’ve amassed an impressive 3,000,000 followers across your social media. What effect have the events of the last year had on your work as a content creator?

The last year has completely changed the content creation world! I used to spend a significant amount of my time attending interviews in person, physical film screenings, premieres and events – which were all suddenly stopped due to the pandemic.

It was so strange no longer being able to meet people, conduct interviews in person or travel abroad for work purposes (to visit film sets, or attend film junkets abroad). However, I quickly adapted – and I am really enjoying creating content in new formats! I realised that, at the end of the day, your audience follow you for your personality – they want to see YOU and it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing as long as you stay true to yourself. 

If you had to define your aim as a content creator, what would you say?

I’ve always enjoyed creating comedy content and it’s something I hope to continue into the distant future! I regularly receive messages from followers saying that they have had a really tough week and that watching my sketches is a true form of escapism and allows them to laugh and smile and forget about their problems – and that’s my aim, to make people smile and laugh and forget about their daily troubles. 

You’ve got plenty of projects in the pipeline at the moment! Where can we expect to see you next?

I star in two Feature Films which are being released soon – R.I.A, a sci-fi thriller, and Intervention, a psychological thriller. I told you I love thrillers! 

You will also be able to see me on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three once my BBC Laugh Lesson comedy sketch has been released within the next month or so! I’m also in pre-production for four more feature films which we’ll be shooting later this year. I am very much looking forward to starting production and can’t wait to see where this year takes me!

For more from Amber, be sure to head over to her Instagram or YouTube channel.

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