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Las Vegas: Big Events For The Number One XS Nightclub In The US

The best-rated Las Vegas nightclub, XS, is back in action and they are bigger and better than ever. With shows beginning from 10 September 2021 onwards, the start of this week’s events is guaranteed to blow the roof off.

Parties and electronic music are making a comeback to the nightclub industry as the pandemic slowly comes to ease. Diplo has already started the weekend off with a bang by taking over last nights XS Nightclub events.

From now on, one DJ artist will play host to the nightclub with special guests like Marshmellow, Carnage, The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, Gryffin and Dillon Francis.

Las Vegas is widely famous for its association with nightlife and its new and upcoming electronic dance music. The place has attracted large numbers of tourists around the world for decades. 

Whilst travelling through Winchester, a road that hugs the Wynn Golf Club, is 3121 S Las Vegas Blvd. This strip of the road will lead you down the path to a hidden temptation in Las Vegas. 

Along the scenic route of Las Vegas Freeway, is a sought-after nightclub destination that lies on the Las Vegas strip in a town that is literally called Paradise. It offers a unique restaurant and casino experience as well as its very own four-star resort. This luxury resort is called Encore Las Vegas.

Rising high into the clouds is the majestic black sleek construction that curves around to the centre. The 52 floored tower was a $2.3 billion, 2,034-room hotel project, adjacent to the existing resort and on the remaining frontage of Las Vegas Boulevard.

The casino environments, the restaurants and the entertainment areas are all highly charged and dynamic. There are plenty of opulent touches—silk-moiré-upholstered walls, ceilings inlaid with mother-of-pearl, handblown Murano glass chandeliers and strictly edited furnishings.

The Encore Hotel’s elite nightlife experience lives at XS. They have created the most elegant nightclub experience with decor and design that is unmatched. It’s hard to simply describe the design at all locations through the club. 

It is here inside this structure that you will discover why your impulse has drawn you in. Your impulse has welcomed you to XS Nightclub, Las Vegas’ number one rated nightclub in the United States.

XS Nightclub has built an incredible reputation for itself over the years through its charms and exclusivity.

They have been dubbed the “number one nightclub in the United States” by Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 for an impressive five years in a row. XS Nightclub is a beautifully decorated mega-club that can throw one hell of a good party. 

As soon as you step through their golden entryway, you’ll be immersed in the sounds of superstar residents like The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Alesso, and more, while being surrounded by, let’s be honest, some ridiculously good looking people. 

A night at XS Nightclub is an authentic experience embodying the magical energy of a free spirit. From the queue through to the exit, it is a truly iconic club that places emphasis on high-end service that still inspires and excites its visitors to this day.

XS offers pyrotechnics, lasers and a DJ booth that overlooks the tantalizing pool.

Pass up the burning rays and instead spend your Sunday nights at XS Nightclub for a night swim. If you’re visiting during the summer, the club even offers a nighttime pool party called “XS Night Swim.”

It’s sexy and classy. In fact, from the moment you step inside the venue, you’ll notice that it’s designed with the female body in mind. From its curving tables and dancer poles to its golden statues of women, XS is one seductive nightclub.

XS is also the only nightclub that makes you feel like royalty. That’s partly because bottle service guests get to make a grand entrance as they transcend the staircase into the club’s main room. But it’s also because the nightclub is dripping in gold.

The luxurious experience does not come cheap.

If you want the absolute best tables, on some nights, these tables go as high as $15,000 if The Chainsmokers are performing. Bottle service rates from anywhere from $1,500 – $20,000.

The club is designed so that all main room table locations are elevated above the previous row. This helps to ensure that almost every table location has a good view. With the top and backrooms costing over $3000. The lower floor that is closest to the DJ booth costs over $7000 a night. 

The idea to transform you into a festival filled with controlled chaos speaks levels to the people who enter.

Not only is it one of the best but it is one of the biggest. With a capacity of over 40,000 SF, the golden styled building along with its first world sound system, create a unique clubbing experience that attracts and accommodate different types of musical styles.

In fact, the layout of the club is not just designed to contain one open planned room but through its corridors and secret stairways, the building opens up to

At the centre is a large pool with two-story cabanas and daybeds surrounding it. There’s also a gaming area if you feel the need for some poker or blackjack.

The atmosphere completely switches as soon as the club begins. At night, the club is bursting with the colours of life. At the centre of the main floor is the DJ booth which keeps a very recognised style.

Guests have the option to party both inside and outside at the pool area, even at night.

Inside, you’ll find various bottle service options, including lower and upper dance floor tables, 3rd tier couches, back wall tables, and 4 tops tables. 

If you head outside, you’ll experience one of the best outdoor clubbing environments ever created. And it’s entirely unexpected with its string lights and canopy of trees. Outside, there are lower and upper cabanas, daybeds, and immediate patio tables.

The club does have some strict rules when it comes to what its visitors have to wear. This is to ensure that its world-class reputation is held in good grip. 

According to Vegas Bookings, The official dress code for XS is “upscale casual.” Keep in mind, though, that some clothing items are prohibited. Specifically, there aren’t any baggy jeans or pants with holes allowed. 

Also, no athletic wear is permitted inside the club. This includes hats, tennis shoes, shorts, and flip-flops. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid wearing anything with a sports team logo on it.

However, XS is one of the most high-end clubs. People dress up here, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. On these nights, you’ll be hard-pressed to find ladies not wearing dresses and heels or men without button-ups and dress pants.

Besides from they’re annually themed events, ranging from XS Nightswim, Art of the Wild and EDC Week, XS has some of the longest lines in Las Vegas, depending on the artist. Expect 15 – 30 minutes to get seated if you have a table service reservation.

VIP celebrities visiting the club reflect its powerhouse status. From Paris and Nicky Hilton to Drake, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers, all championing the centrally positioned booth. It really is a spectacle to be seen.

Just last month YouTuber, Logan Paul and Film Director, Shaq were seen having the time of their lives inside the venue with Kygo Music.

Zedd, Skrillex, Deadmau5, David Guetta, Kaskade, Lil’ Jon, Paris Hilton, Kat Von D, Jared Leto and Jermaine Dupri are just some of the celebrities recently seen at XS Nightclub. 

So, for those craving to fulfil the thrill of temptation, to escape and go to a place where you can simply be yourself. Then a trip inside Las Vegas’ most iconic nightclub – XS Nightclub, is definitely for you.

For the full schedule of events click here.

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