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Halloween Costumes Celebrity Edition 2021 | The Good, The Bad & The ?

At long last, Halloween has finally arrived!

From brainstorming spooky costumes to trying out pumpkin carving ideas, eating unfathomable amounts of Halloween treats, candy, and chocolate and indulging in everything pumpkin-spice-flavoured, there’s so much to anticipate during this frightfully fun October holiday.

No matter how old you are or how many times you’ve been around the block, the holiday simply never gets old. In countries such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, it was believed that 31 October was the night when the boundaries between the living and dead were blurred. 

The ones who were dead could visit the world of the living and their ghosts came down on Earth on 31 October every year.

But in the midst of the Halloween party games and sugar rushes, this is also a time of year where celebrities and social elites alike get together, dress up and host some of the biggest parties to date.

With the fear of the pandemic still looming in certain places around the USA, some celebrities chose to host smaller intimate get-togethers. 

The coronavirus pandemic may have cancelled most big celebrity Halloween parties last year, but celebrities haven’t given up on the holiday entirely—or on going all out with their costumes. 

Some wore unexpectedly PG-rated ensembles, while others went completely all out. Without further ado, here is a scattering of the 2021 celebrity costumes you have got to see.

There may be multiple parties happening all over right now but DDW pulled some of the most impressive to down right why?

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