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Five Wild Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Not everything is always as it seems!

Whether you’re a rabbit hole rookie or a die-hard tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, you’ve probably spent a little time investigating at least one pop culture mystery and questioning what’s really going on…

Since it’s the season to be spooky, we thought there’d be no better time to take off the reality goggles, sit back and dive into some of DDW’s favourite celebrity conspiracy theories. 

For legal purposes, this is just for fun and we’re certainly not saying that any of this is definitely true – or is it?

Michael Jackson Is Still Alive

It was big news when the King Of Pop passed away suddenly in 2009, leaving millions of fans devastated and many questioning whether or not it was really true.

It seems that some of them may have just been onto something – one of the most popular celebrity conspiracy theories out there is the theory that MJ may just have faked his death to retire from the spotlight. 

Some fans believe that the King Of Pop is alive and well…

Amongst the most compelling reasons that fans believe this theory are the footage that supposedly shows Michael hopping out of the ambulance that transported his body to the hospital, a photograph posted by daughter Paris with a seemingly familiar face in the background and, most famously, the similarities shared between Jackson and a man known as Dave Dave…

Dave Dave, supposedly a childhood friend of Michael, appeared in a number of interviews after his death. Fans were shocked by the similarities between the two, both in their looks and in their voices, which certainly sounded eerily similar. However, it’s important to note that Dave Dave, who sadly passed away in 2018, was photographed with MJ long before the days of photoshop, so this bit of evidence is easily debunked. 

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal 

This one is a real glitch in the matrix…

Plenty of people, especially in Hollywood, are lucky (or just rich) enough to look years younger than they really are. However, when it comes to Keanu Reeves, many feel like the actor hasn’t aged a day since he first rose to prominence in the 1980s.

Some theorists have stumbled upon images and paintings from as far back as 1530 featuring men who bear a striking resemblance to the actor, speculating that this is evidence of his immortality – or perhaps even that Keanu is a vampire! This theory has even led to the creation of a website where all of the evidence is presented so that visitors can make up their own mind about the idea. Keanu is aware of the theory, too, even joking about it during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Personally, we’re more inclined to believe that his ever-youthful looks are likely a result of good genes and an even better aesthetician, but only time will tell…

Is this painting from 1530 evidence that Keanu Reeves is immortal?

Avril Lavigne Has Been Replaced

If you grew up throughout the 2000s, you probably spent some time listening to Avril Lavigne at some point – or did you? 

A theory thought to have originated on a Brazilian Avril Lavigne fanpage back in 2005 suggests that the Canadian teen idol was actually replaced by a lookalike in 2003. The story goes that Avril was found dead and that her record company, recognising that Avril was well on her way to becoming one of the world’s biggest stars, decided to replace her with a girl named Melissa who bore a striking resemblance to the singer. 

Was Avril replaced by lookalike Melissa in 2003?

Not striking enough, it seems, to throw her biggest fans off the scent. Potential evidence in favour of this theory highlights differences in the two Avril’s bone structure, facial features, birthmarks and moles, as well as pointing out that early Avril had a heavy Canadian accent – an accent that Avril post-2003 appeared to have grown out of. 

It’s worth noting that Avril herself is aware of this theory, having previously called it ‘weird’ and questioned why anyone would ever believe it. Then again, that’s exactly what you would say, isn’t it?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Killed A Man

Buckle up for this one – it’s really something. 

The theory goes that, during their brief time dating between 2012 and 2013, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were out driving one evening when they hit and killed a man with their car. Terrified of the repercussions, they allegedly fled the scene and had their management concoct stories to divert attention from the crime and quell any suspicions. Despite supposedly attempting a cover-up, however, the main bulk of the evidence referenced by theorists comes from Taylor and Harry themselves, who have supposedly referenced the accident within their music. 

Fans think that the lyrics of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ music may be hiding a much deeper and darker meaning…

Fans believe that there are clues to be found within Taylor’s 2014 album 1989 and Harry’s debut self-titled album of 2017. Lyrics to Style by Taylor Swift allegedly describe the incident itself, with lines such as ‘Can’t keep his wild eyes on the road’ and ‘Just take me home’ amongst the most compelling evidence within the track. Other songs allegedly referencing the incident are Taylor’s tracks I Know Places, Out Of The Woods and Clean, whilst fans believe that Sign Of The Times, Ever Since New York and Two Ghosts tell Harry’s side of the story. As for Taylor’s tracks I Did Something Bad, Getaway Car and no body, no crime, fans feel that those titles are pretty self-explanatory.

We can’t really understand why anyone, especially as famous as this pair, would want to reference their involvement in a vehicular manslaughter cover-up within their music, so that casts some doubt in our opinion. Then again, there is something to be said for hiding in plain sight…

Paul McCartney Has Been Replaced 

As far as celebrity conspiracy theories go, ‘X died and was replaced by a lookalike’ is perhaps the most common – and this one is the original. As far back as 1969, some fans of The Beatles have believed that Paul McCartney was killed in a car accident and replaced by a lookalike so that the Fab Four could carry on. 

The ‘Paul Is Dead’ theory has been around since the height of The Beatles’ popularity

Fans then believed that the band hid clues alluding to McCartney’s death and replacement within their music, with two of the most famous being the repetition of the line ‘Turn me on, dead man’ at the end of Revolution 9 when the record is played backwards and the supposed sound of John Lennon saying ‘I buried Paul’ in Strawberry Fields Forever. Many also believe that t he art for their album Abbey Road depicts the four in a funeral procession, with Paul depicted as a ‘holy man’, dressed in white and leading the way for his bandmates. That’s not the only supposed funeral scene within their album artwork, either, with many noting signs within the iconic artwork for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band that allude to Paul’s death, such as a three-stringed guitar amongst the floral arrangement, a hidden image of a bloody driving glove and the theory that text on the drum reads ‘11/9 He Die’ when a mirror is placed throughout the middle of ‘Lonely Hearts’. 

Despite sounding entirely ridiculous, this theory just goes to show that, not only have conspiracy theories been present throughout pop culture for years, but that celebrities have long been amused by them, too – Paul himself referenced the ‘Paul is dead’ theory with the name for his 1993 album Paul Is Live.

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