DO try this at home
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DO try this at home

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Did you ever think getting a quick haircut, indulging in a massage or picking up a pair of new glasses would seem so luxurious? We certainly didn’t. Beyond disrupting work and social engagements, the lockdown has forced everyone to take the matter of physical maintenance into their own hands, literally. 

Being an amateur in these fields can lead to disastrous results for DIY, so to help you avoid ending up with a mullet and crossed eyes, we have spoken to experts about how you can do your own upkeep and still look your glamorous self:

Essential Upkeep To Try At Home This Weekend

Get A Haircut 

NYC favourite hair influencer and stylist Brad Mondo recommends watching his simple guide to get the basics right before you bravely tackle your hairdo. Make sure to mind your tools (get professional scissors and brushes) and don’t get too excited cutting away – take your time and cut with patience. Check out his youtube tutorial here.

Massage Yourself

Influencer Michelle Ballon talks you through ways to massage and stretch your body through her Roll & Reset and Unwind techniques which combine stretching, pilates and massage. Get her pro tips  and tutorials via her instagram:

Sort That Eye Test

Perhaps the least fun of this trifecta of self-care maintenance mentioned here; eye tests are still crucial to make sure your eyes do not wear out and can enjoy the wonders of Netflix in comfort (check out our article on the top shows streaming now).

Experts recommend checking out the following free apps for at-home tests (they recommend mounting your phone on a tripod for accuracy): eyeCuity, Eye Handbook, and Verana Vision Test. These apps can all give you the basic information you need to order new lenses, should you need them, and remove any of the discomfort you may be experiencing wearing the wrong prescription.

Once you have your overall accurate test done, find a professional fit with an online frame-maker. We recommend these stylish alternatives:

Bloobloom  — Essential Upkeep
Lux Readers — Essential Upkeep
Lux Readers
Ace & Tate — Essential Upkeep
Ace & Tate

After these three steps, we guarantee that you will not only feel better, but that you will be supercharged so that you can take on your work from home, your hobbies and even you online side-hustles. If nothing else, you will be more relaxed, stylish and be able to clearly see the screen so you can sofa-surf your way through films and TV the rest of the week.

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