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Sit back and relax while we build, manage and scale your online business.

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$100k a month sales

“goal for every client”

credit card points on autopilot for luxury travel


We acquire or build out your new store

After meeting the criteria of our client-calibre vetting process, we build out or purchase your new or aged online store on Amazon, Facebook or Walmart and set up the foundation for your online eCommerce automation business.

We auto-scale your store

We populate your store with the right products at the right time for sale that Amazon, Facebook or Walmart customers will purchase.


We auto-run your store

Our AI & Machine Learning systems along with our 300+ team, automate the purchasing of sold items for your store from our suppliers for a cheaper price than it was sold for on your online store. That item is shipped directly to the Amazon, Facebook or Walmart customer and you make a profit!

Why Choose DDW

Fast Onboarding

Fast Onboarding

With our dedicated team, we will have your business built and generating revenue quickly.

Unlimited Opportunity

Unlimited Opportunity

Amazon generates billions of dollars a day in sales creating a unique opportunity..

Easy Scalability

Easy Scalability

Sales are never an issue for our team...the earning potential can be as large as your credit / liquid capital.


Sit back and relax while we fully manage the onboarding process and store management. Enjoy passive income in a way not imagined!

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How do i get started?

The process is very simple. You will need the upfront capital shown in our plans above, minimum $20,000 in credit and an LLC (we can advise how to create one fast if needed). We take care of pretty much everything else!

What will I have to do to maintain the store?

Do I get a contract?

How long will my store last?

Is this venture right for me?