Anna Sui and St-Germain Collaborate On A New Way To Carry Drinks
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Anna Sui and St-Germain Collaborate On A New Way To Carry Drinks

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Anna Sui is best known for being one of the leading fashion designers of the 1990s, a period marked by grunge music, baby doll dresses, and plaid. She’s dressed everybody from Madonna to Dua Lipa over the course of her 30-year career, and she’s recognised for building a romantic aesthetic around rock star glam.

Anna Sui

The St-Germain x Anna Sui Limited Edition Bottle Tote was created in collaboration with St-Germain, the brand behind a French liqueur that contains up to 1,000 handpicked elderflower blossoms in each bottle. The tote was inspired by Anna Sui’s designer’s unique aesthetic and was designed to hold a 750ml bottle of St-Germain. The Bottle Tote, which made its debut at NYFW SS22, adds a touch of French savoir-faire and sartorial refinement to any cocktail event.

So what exactly does the tote look like? Remember how we used to arrange plastic beads on spiky small boards of various shapes and sizes before fusing them all together with a hot iron to create a bigger bead arrangement that served no practical purpose? Well, it kind of looks like Anna Sui has been experimenting with these beads, creating a blue and green floral crochet design, but her creation is actually useful. It’s very nostalgic-chic.

The St-Germain x Anna Sui Limited Edition Bottle Tote

The tote even comes with a QR code that takes you to the St-Germain website, which is full of unique drink ideas that will inspire you at every cocktail occasion. The star of the show is The Pear Social cocktail, which was designed by St-Germain National Brand Ambassador Earlecia Richelle and inspired by the collaboration with Anna Sui, taking its light flavour, layered texture, and green colour palette from the custom tote. With its sensational mix of St-Germain, GREY GOOSE® vodka, absinthe, cucumber-mint juice, and sparkling wine, and garnishes of grated nutmeg, mint crown, borage blossoms, and crystallised pear, it is perfect for hosts to serve at get-togethers.

This might just be proof that when fashion and alcohol collide, amazing things happen.

You can shop the St-Germain x Anna Sui Limited Edition Bottle Tote here.

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