You Could Buy Kendall and Kylie’s Villa in Mexico for $15 million
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You Could Buy Kendall and Kylie’s Villa in Mexico for $15 million

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Discover the enchanting Sol de Oriente villa, located in the glamorous Costa Careyes and previously rented by the Jenners, now up for sale at $15 million.

The Jenners are all over the news recently (and in all honesty, always have been). Now headlines are all about their alleged boyfriends, rumours that have not been confirmed but do well in keeping the Kardashian/Jenner hype alive and thriving. It is this hype precisely that directly (and not-so-directly) pays for the Jenner fortune and lavish lifestyles, which are not just expensive, but exclusive. Now, anyone with a spare change of $15 million could get a taste of their elixir.

Image courtesy of Carolwood Estates

The Jenners go on holiday as often as your regular person goes to the grocery store, or at least that is the lasting impression they give. It is an essential part of well-spending your fortune. Back in 2021 they specifically travelled to an enchanting villa in Mexico, known as the Sol de Oriente, and which is now up for sale.

With views to the pacific coast, the Sol de Oriente is located within the Costa Careyes, a resort community for the glamorous. Its name is fitting; the house is draped in a canary yellow tinge which has all the ballots to be tasteless and tacky, but instead incorporates its loud shade of yellow impeccably. Stirring away from the more monochromatic trends in current interior design, the house embraces the more cheerful cues of colour, a move often adopted by Mexican architects such as Luís Barragán.

Image credit: courtesy of Carolwood Estates
Image credit: courtesy of Carolwood Estates

Sol de Oriente uses wood and natural materials throughout. Hut-like roofs adorn the living spaces and tiled up floors pave the way in a house which is anything but conventional. Hit historically dates back to the late 1960s, when Italian artist, banker, and property developer Gian Franco Brignone flew over the area and fell enchanted with its beauty. Having passed away earlier this year, the house was inherited by his son, which is the one now in charge of passing it on to its lucky bidder.

Image credit: courtesy of Carolwood Estates

Whilst we all probably daydream of ditching our jobs and moving to Mexico, Sol de Oriente might be slightly off budget for the majority. For once, however, a star-frequented resort shows up online, and the property is available for rental on all major hotel booking sites.

Spontaneous trip to Mexico anyone?

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