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Discover the magic of Mexico’s favourite Tequila with Maestro DOBEL®, Tequila Ambassador, Oli Pergl. Oli has been part of the Maestro DOBEL® family for over four years, teaching bartenders all about their pioneering world-first tequilas, steeped in eleven generations of know-how. He’s also spent a great deal of time in Mexico immersing himself in what is the one of the oldest spirits from Latin America and the vibrant gastronomy and rich culture of Dobel’s homeland. Don’t Die Wondering has partnered with Maestro DOBEL® to bring you an exclusive tequila masterclass, including two cocktails that you can easily re-create at home. But first an introduction to our tequilas whose dynamic creator lives by the mantra: you have to be masters of the rules in order to break them… Introducing the game-changer and favourite of discerning MexicansMaestro DOBEL® has reinvented the luxury tequila category. The world’s first clear, multi-aged tequila Maestro DOBEL® Diamante™ has been causing a stir Mexico for some time, a game-changing, proprietary Cristalino technique results in a crystal clear, soft, silky smooth, yet satisfyingly complex spirit-perfect for sipping neat. In fact, Maestro DOBEL® Diamante is the best-selling ultra-premium tequila in Mexico. Artisanal methods reinventedWorld-first Maestro DOBEL® Humito reinterprets 17th century artisanal methods using a secret technique that harnesses mesquite wood to hand craft smoked, silver tequila–resulting in a delicately complex, aromatic and sultry liquid. Aromatic and evocative, an extraordinary balance between smoky notes and agave works brilliantly straight and in cocktails. Fans of West Coast Scotch will enjoy this contemporary, slick spirit. For our masterclass, Oli has created two delicious cocktails: the Maestro DOBEL® Diamante Black Diamond Margarita and Maestro DOBEL® Humito Smoked Old Fashioned. Both serves offer a unique twist on the classics, revealing the versatility of the special tequilas. So drink as Mexico’s most discerning do and serve Maestro DOBEL® – salud! Maestro DOBEL Black Diamond Margarita: Rocks Glass (rimmed with Black Volcanic Salt)Cubed Ice50ml Mastro Dobel Diamante25ml Fresh Lime juice (or 1 Whole Lime)Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake hard and fine-strain into ice-filled glassGarnish with Lime Wedge Maestro DOBEL® Humito Smoked Old Fashioned: Rocks GlassCubed Ice50ml Maestro Dobel Humito5ml Agave Nectar4 dashes Angostura BittersAdd all ingredients into ice-filled glass and stir for 10-15 seconds.Garnish with Orange Peel (spraying oils onto drink)
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