Who Is Anthony Gignac? The Man Who Posed As A Saudi Prince
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Who Is Anthony Gignac? The Man Who Posed As A Saudi Prince

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Discover the audacious tale of Anthony Gignac, who, with unmatched audacity and deception, posed as Saudi royalty to orchestrate multi-million dollar frauds.

Whilst Anna Delvey may be crowned the scammer of all scammers (at least if pop-culture and exposure is a metric to go by), there are multiple other figures who have made it to the top… or at least pretended to do so. One of said figures is Anthony Gignac.

Few tales are as brazen, as audacious, and as lavishly orchestrated as that of Anthony Gignac. His story reads like a script straight out of a Hollywood crime drama, complete with luxurious backdrops, high-stakes deceit, and the inevitable fall from grace.

With nothing but sheer audacity and a talent for deception, Anthony Gignac assumed the identity of Saudi royalty to swindle millions.

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Early Years

Born José Moreno in Colombia in 1970, Anthony Gignac’s beginnings were far from the opulent lifestyle he would later fabricate. Orphaned at a young age, he and his brother were adopted by a middle-class family from Michigan, offering them a fresh start in the United States​​.

Gignac’s foray into the world of con artistry began astonishingly early. By the age of 12, he was already experimenting with the guise of royalty to impress and deceive. This early knack for impersonation evolved into a full-blown criminal career, with Gignac adopting the identity of Saudi Prince Khalid bin Al Saud among others. His transformation was underpinned by a complex blend of charm, audacity, and meticulous attention to detail, enabling him to navigate high society under the guise of nobility​​.

Biggest Frauds

Gignac’s scams were as diverse as they were daring. He convinced wealthy investors to part with their money on the promise of lucrative returns from ventures purportedly backed by his royal status and vast fortune. Over the years, he defrauded investors of more than $8.1 million, indulging in a lifestyle that included luxury cars, yachts, and private jets—all funded by his elaborate schemes​​.

How He Got Caught

The downfall of Gignac’s empire of deceit came about through a combination of his own hubris and the vigilance of one of his would-be victims. His undoing was precipitated by his interest in the Fontainebleau Hotel, owned by billionaire Jeffery Soffer. Soffer became suspicious after Gignac, posing as a devout Muslim prince, conspicuously ordered pork at a restaurant. This led to an investigation that eventually unraveled Gignac’s meticulously crafted identity, culminating in his arrest in 2017​​.

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