Who is Alexandre Grimaldi, Monaco’s Royal Progeny?
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Who is Alexandre Grimaldi, Monaco’s Royal Progeny?

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Born amidst controversy, twenty-year old Alexandre Grimaldi navigates his unique royal lineage and personal identity.

Monaco – a principality known as much for its grand prix as for its grand palaces – boasts of one of Europe’s most coveted royal families. Ever since Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III and became a Princess, the Monaco royal family is synonymous with elegance, success and, of course, the media. And if the media is involved, everyone knows scandal follows suit. Born twenty years ago amidst it all was Alexandre Grimaldi, a royal now looking to rewrite his story as he battles reconciliation, identity, and a meaningful existence beyond the gilded confines of royalty.

But first, let’s review the principality’s royal family in more detail.

The History of Monaco’s Royals

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The lineage of Monaco’s royals, known for their blend of historical gravitas and contemporary influence, is anchored by the House of Grimaldi, a dynasty that traces its origins back to the 12th century. The current sovereign, Prince Albert II, ascended to the throne in 2005, succeeding his father, Prince Rainier III (who was married to Hollywood actress Grace Kelly). This union bridged Monaco’s royal legacy with American glamour, forever transforming the principality’s global image and making Monaco evoke Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries. Prince Albert II, educated in the United States and deeply involved in environmental causes, represents a modern monarchy that balances the responsibilities of state with global concerns.

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa whom he married in 2011, have twins, Princess Gabriella and Hereditary Prince Jacques, who is the heir apparent due to Monaco’s primogeniture succession laws.

But, aside from his legitimate heirs, Prince Albert has acknowledged two other children born from previous relationships: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, who, while not in line for the throne, are recognised members of the extended royal family.

From Monaco to the World: A Global Citizen’s Quest

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Caught in the crossfire of tabloid fascination and royal tradition, Alexandre Grimaldi stands as a figure who’s flipping the script on what it means to grow up royal in the public eye. Son of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Nicole Coste, his life kicks off with a headline: a royal paternity scandal outwit the bounds of the royal marriage.

Alexandre’s early years split between two realms: one, under the relentless microscope of media intrigue questioning his place in Monaco’s lineage, and the other, a more introspective quest to carve out his own identity beyond the shadow of the throne.

And this identity quest brought Grimaldi to none other than the UK itself. Pursuing a degree in business management at an untold ‘English University’ up until recently, he is now allegedly crossing the pond into America, where he is moving by himself for the first time. In a rare interview with Tatler, the royal explained: he’d outgrown London.

It’s either that or the cost of living crisis has hit even the Monegasque monarchy.

The Controversy

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Alexandre Grimaldi’s parents, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Nicole Coste, a Togolese flight attendant, met under quite unique circumstances that led to a secret relationship sustained over five years. The public reaction to Prince Albert II’s relationship with Nicole Coste and the revelation of their son, Alexandre, was mixed. There was considerable media attention and public intrigue, partly because of the royal context and partly due to the nature of their relationship being initially kept private.

As is to be expected, a son outwith the royal marriage gives people plenty to talk about, but in Alexandre’s case, he also happened to be the Prince’s first born. This fact alone places him at the epicentre of Monaco’s royal narrative, challenging the traditional trajectory of royal offspring and succession lines. Which, in case you were wondering, will not change. Despite being the first, Alexandre Grimaldi is not heir to the Monegasque throne. But his story does invite a more profound discussion on the evolution of royal traditions in the modern age.

It is also worth mentioning, that despite not being an heir to the throne due to his parents never marrying, Alexandre is prepared to embrace a public role, aiming to serve as a global ambassador for Monaco and to foster business opportunities for the principality .


In conclusion, Alexandre Grimaldi exemplifies the evolution of modern royalty. Born amidst controversy as Prince Albert II’s firstborn son with Nicole Coste, he is redefining what it means to be a royal today by forging his own path studying abroad and now living independently in America. While not an heir to Monaco’s throne, Alexandre embraces his unique role as a global ambassador, representing a new generation of royals transcending traditional expectations to chart their own course on the world stage. His journey reflects how even ancient monarchies must modernize while preserving integral legacies.

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