Vivienne Westwood’s Bridal Collection Is Perfect For The Modern Bride
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Vivienne Westwood’s Bridal Collection Is Perfect For The Modern Bride

February 3, 2022 Share

Vivienne Westwood‘s newest offering promises stylish couture for the modern bride, with three capsule collections – ‘Made-To-Order,’ ‘Couture,’ and ‘Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.’

The Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood collection is perfect for brides searching for full-on drama. A Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown with a striking ruffled neckline and feather train, as well as a puffy tulle and lace creation inspired by Marie Antoinette’s court dresses from the 18th century, are among the pieces featured in the collection.

An Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood wedding dress inspired by Marilyn Monroe (photo by Rob Rusling)

The bridal couture collection is influenced by powerful women in the arts, from Greek goddesses to modern-day heroines. This collection’s dresses are tailored to each individual’s dimensions and it is characterised by rich materials, intricate embellishments, and delicate crystal and pearl embroidery. Bridal tailoring is also available, featuring a sophisticated two-piece influenced by Bianca Jagger‘s iconic white suit.

A Bianca Jagger-inspired suit from the couture collection (photo by Rob Rusling)

The Made-To-Order collection, however, is the collection’s crowning glory, with each design boasting an eco-conscious flair. As if planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough without having to consider its environmental effect, Westwood has you covered with sustainability woven throughout the collection. Aptly for 2022, the Made-To-Order collection is centred on the theme of ‘new beginnings’ and is comprised of fifteen gowns and nine distinct styling pieces. Everything is crafted to fit your core measurements and comes in a variety of luxurious fabrics and finishes. The garments are ethereal, with sheer textiles, metamorphic silhouettes, and layers of fanciful tulle that take the wearer to another world. At the same time, the exposed corsetry gives a romantic element to the collection, which is further emphasised by the floral embroidery featured throughout. And as promised, your made-to-order gown can be environmentally friendly too, with eco-conscious fabrics like ivory recycled tulle and FSC certified viscose (a vegan alternative to silk and satin) available for the bride to choose from. The Made-To-Order collection has also been designed, sampled and hand-crafted locally in England.

A Bianca Jagger-inspired suit from the couture collection

Longevity will be an important component of Vivienne Westwood’s future plans as she strives to eliminate waste. The brand’s couture team is now offering a post-wedding service that includes everything from alterations and bespoke finishings to dying processes and embroidery. Your gown can now be tastefully converted into a classic item for any occasion by Westwood couturiers in the London atelier. After all, why should a Vivienne Westwood wedding gown be reserved for only one day?

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