Travelling The World as a Musician 
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Travelling The World as a Musician 

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Discover the vibrant world of a travelling musician, balancing the joys of exploration with practical advice on gear, income, and building a global audience.

Being a musician has the benefit of being able to showcase your skills and work anywhere. This means you can explore the world and enjoy the freedom while doing what you love. Embracing the life of a travelling musician also means you’ll be able to take your work to as many people as possible, making the most of opportunities in a variety of countries. 

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But embarking on a world trip as an artist can present some challenges. You’ll need to consider how to pack your instrument to ensure it’s as protected as possible when you travel. You might want to think about taking out musical instrument insurance which can offer peace of mind while on your journey. 

You’ll also need to consider how you’ll earn money while you travel. There are a variety of options to help you secure a regular income and you might find that you end up doing a combination of them all. Just remember to check out any tax rules that apply to anything you earn. 

Music blogger

If you have creative writing skills, why not put them to good use and write about your passion? Set up a blog site and post about your preferred genre or niche. Use social media to get word out about your blog and to reach a wider audience. 

You might choose to blog about your music and travel experiences or even provide knowledge around your favourite instruments. You could also blog about iconic musicians and start discussion points among readers. Anything that involves interactivity is sure to appeal to an audience. 

Music influencer

If you’re into content creation, being a music influencer is also a great way to make some extra cash to fund your trip. You’ll need to be social media savvy and have a variety of accounts. You’ll also need to be skilled in your area and have the passion to get your name out there. 

Gigs on the road

This is probably one of the main ways that musicians make money when travelling. Choose venues that showcase new talent and research contacts before you get to a new place. Be open-minded about the type of venues you’re willing to perform at. You might consider outdoor events, pubs, street bars, local clubs, schools or even open-mic nights. 

The key here is to not be too precious about your venues until you become more established in the industry. Performing at a range of events and venues will give you access to more contacts and can open up new opportunities for you to showcase your skills. 

Provide music lessons 

Offering private tutoring can be a great way to supplement your income. Provide adult and child lessons and consider hosting workshops or group tutorials. 

Being a travelling musician might be challenging at times but if you remain open to new opportunities and experiences, you’ll be able to secure a regular income and attract a loyal audience. 

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