The World Doesn’t Need A New Fashion Brand; It Needs Asket
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The World Doesn’t Need A New Fashion Brand; It Needs Asket

September 13, 2022 Share

Because Asket wants your clothes to last, they not only sell you a quality capsule wardrobe, but teach you how to care, repair and recycle your clothing.

The world doesn’t need more brands, more clothes or more fashion trends. Instead, what it needs is brands like Asket, ready to help you commit to quality capsule wardrobes for every occasion.

Image courtesy of Asket

Asket’s Principles

Zero Compromise

Ignoring seasonal collections, eliminating all the intermediaries, and concentrating all of their efforts on creating a single, ongoing collection, Asket bets for durable pieces at appropriate cost.

Full Transparency

Asket puts a great deal of emphasis on its buyers understanding what they are purchasing. That means full transparency in terms of origin, impact and cost of each individual piece.

Lifecycle Responsibility

Asket wants your pieces to last. That’s why they offer care products, help when you need to repair them (they send you buttons or zippers if you need them!), and even offer to buy your pieces back off of you once they have served their shelf life.

Asket’s Best Products

Image courtesy of Asket


It’s becoming increasingly easy to find swimwear made from recycled materials, but equally increasingly difficult to find those that look elegant enough to buy. In comes Asket, launching a collection which may appear minimal but is in fact far more than what anyone needs in terms of swimming trunks for the summer.

Upper Body

Asket sells 4 types of t-shirts. Four, and no more. From the most basic of all, to a lightweight, polo or long-sleeve, Asket’s t-shirts are staples for a capsule wardrobe. They come in a variety of colours, always sticking to shades which are bound to pass the test of time.

For when temperatures get low and it starts to become chilly outside, Asket offers ideal knitwear to match. Merino wool polos to sport on a weekend stroll, cashmere sweaters for work or even a merino zip cardigan are amongst some of our favourite Asket products for the winter.

Image courtesy of Asket

Lower Body

Asket’s trouser collection is a versatile combination of chinos, jeans, black denim and shorts. They utilise the finest materials too, from Japanese raw denim to Italian milled satin; their trousers are tailored to perfection in Portugal and Italy.

Whilst trousers are important, it’s even better if you find a comfortable pair of underwear to wear underneath; that’s an undeniable fact. Built with egyptian cotton and merino wool, Asket’s underwear comes in bulk, to help you save money.

Image courtesy of Asket

Taking Good Care of Asket’s Clothes

Because clothings that are supposed to last need to be taken care of (obviously), Asket also offers clothing care products. We’re not just nudging at their detergents, softener and stain removers (although they are great!), but their pretty awesome knitwear care including nifty cedar wood balls, a well designed lint brush, and a pretty-looking fabric shaver.

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