The 8 Best Educational Sites to Make Your Student Life Easier
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The 8 Best Educational Sites to Make Your Student Life Easier

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A resource list of educational sites that can make your student life just that little bit easier to manage.

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It’s hard to imagine that even several decades ago, the majority of college students had to rely upon textbooks alone. Although the Internet was already around, it wasn’t easy to locate information. Students couldn’t just learn with the help of educational YouTube, Vimeo, TEDx videos or other educational sites. Instead, the information was intended for a limited scientific circle, and students had to get creative to keep things unique.

Luckily, modern learners have numerous options as they study and can explore the Internet to keep their study sessions thrilling and entertaining.

The 8 Best Educational Sites to Make Life Easier for the Student 

1. Website. 

Speaking of the helpful educational websites… have you checked out the TED talks website? From the technology to fashion design and music, this useful source has it all, depending on what keyword you enter. If you seek inspiration, it’s great as something unique that you can safely quote as you work on an assignment. If you are unsure how to implement the information in writing, you can pay for a term paper, which is a hassle-free way of ensuring you’re working correctly. Turning to an expert will help you with proofreading and editing as well. 

2. World’s Free Library. 

Gutenberg is definitely one of the best free book libraries, containing all the classics and modern literature you might need. Regardless of whether you have to check the first edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn or quote something from the immortal plays by William Shakespeare, Gutenberg is the place to be. It provides you with critical reviews and citation style references that can be copied right away, which is a great little bonus too.


Students love because it offers the most affordable and safe solutions for the times when you cannot afford to purchase something again and instead opt for fixing it yourself. It has great video and text instructions that will help you to achieve success and learn how to share things in your college dorm room. If you have something broken that needs fixing, turning to this educational website will save some serious funds.

4. Edx Online Courses. 

You might have already heard about this great educational website before. Yet, not many students know that most of the courses on offer are free and cooperate with various universities like MIT and Harvard. It might be hard to believe that it’s offered free of charge, yet it’s the future of education and great proof that those who want to learn, can. Consider getting research paper writing help if you get stuck with the writing or research process, and don’t be afraid to ask your course advisor for help if something remains unclear. They are always friendly and ready to help you as long as you feel brave to ask! 


The website provides modern students with interesting ways to learn about History, Geography, Engineering, Healthcare, and all the possible subjects. It’s achieved with the help of selected videos that experts have checked in the field. Although it’s positioned as the replacement for the TV, it has way more accuracy in terms of content and can be quite addictive. Just enter some keywords and learn by watching helpful videos.

6. Database. 

You will love this website if you like to create presentations, work with surveys, or edit someone else’s interactive quizzes. An enormous database of free educational samples on all possible subjects and ideas exists, where you can create your presentations and add more life to your projects. It’s also available as a mobile app, which also helps to make things even faster once the inspiration strikes! 


If there is a website that needs no introduction, at least for British students, it’s this one! It has all the possible lifehacks and ways to help modern students adjust their gained skills to the outside world. You will learn how to fix things or add to your budget when feeling lost. Although it may not belong to the best study sites, it’s still one of the best websites that is definitely worth a visit. It also has one of the best user communities where you can make new friends and meet people worldwide. 

8. Coursera. 

Coursera is a great way to boost your skills in the subject you study as a student or start with something you always wanted to learn, like self-care help, cooking, history, or programming. Just enter the keyword related to what you want to learn and find free and affordable educational courses that can take from three days to months. Choose what you like the most and let yourself stay inspired even through the challenging subjects! 

Keeping Things Original is Essential!

Educational sites may be convenient, yet you should approach every source with a grain of salt and always double-check the information that you use in your presentation or an argumentative assignment. Since many websites will copy specific information without proper editing, you should be cautious and read every paragraph through with pristine detail. Check to see if you can find confirmation from another source, and don’t forget to provide complete references if you have to cite or paraphrase something. It will help you to increase the originality of your writing and avoid plagiarism issues. 


Olivia Evans loves to write about the most efficient ways to make college challenges easier and transform learning into a fun experience. As an educator, Olivia explores the benefits of technology, online education, and entrepreneurship. Follow Olivia to take your skills to another level and find inspiration. 

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