The 7 Commandments on Hunting for a Good Flight Bargain
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The 7 Commandments on Hunting for a Good Flight Bargain

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Master the art of bargain hunting with our top 10 expert flight tips. DDW is redefining what it means to fly smart.

Navigating the complex world of flight bookings requires a blend of strategy, timing, and a bit of luck – a fact that seasoned travellers know all too well. With deals becoming increasingly sparse after the covid travel hiatus, the travel landscape is slowly but surely returning to its state of normalcy. And yet, travel bargains seem harder to find than ever.

Whilst specific times of the year or destinations make it particularly challenging for even the most savvy of travellers to score an unexpected deal, here are the 7 travel self-care tips you should always implement in your searches.

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1. is Your Recon Friend; Airlines are Your Deal Buddies

Every flight search should start with Think of it as the travel bargains supermarket of flights, a deep dive into what is the cheapest (albeit not always the most convenient!) route to take. But when it’s time to seal the deal, go directly to the airline’s site. This will avoid you any extra fares you pay via the Kiwi website, namely things like luggage or seat choice, which Kiwi charges at a premium, even if the actual airline does not. Think of it as ditching the middleman at a party to chat up the person you’re really interested in.

Do note, but booking separately, you are under no safeguarding if one of your flights is delayed and causes you to miss your connection. To avoid any issues, make sure you book good travel insurance.

2. Incognito Mode and Clearing Your Caché: Your Secret Weapons

You know how you stalk someone on social media without leaving traces? That’s incognito mode for flight searches. And whilst most people already implement this in their searches, the question remains: Does it work?

Maybe, maybe not, but why take chances with airlines potentially hiking prices based on your search history?

3. Set Up Airfare Alerts – Be the First to Know

Airlines launch random deals at sporadic times, and if you haven’t signed up for price alerts you are unlikely to discover these. Set those alerts and sit back. When the price is right, swoop in like an eagle.

4. Use Airfare Predictors

When booking flights, you should always make use of Airfare predictors to ensure you’re buying at the right time. Serving as an aerial fortune teller, websites such as Airhint are useful ways on ensuring you’re on the right track. Combine it with Google Flight’s analysing tool, which lets you see if prices are high, low, or average, for an even more accurate analysis.

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5. Flexibility is King

This one is obvious: the more flexible you are, the easier you will find decent travel bargains. Flying midweek, in the early AM or from slightly less central airports pays off on the price tag, even if you end up paying the price on convenience. Balance out your priorities, and figure out how much those few extra hours of sleep are costing.

6. Budget Airlines for Long Hauls

Think budget airlines are just for short trips? Think again. They’re stretching their wings, and you should too. Flying across continents without the fancy frills isn’t the luxury you expect with more reputable airlines, but it can save you a pretty penny. Their functioning is very similar to your more usual short-haul budget airlines; food isn’t included, and neither is your seat or luggage.

7. Leverage Points and Miles

Sign up for travel rewards programs and airline credit cards. These programs allow you to accumulate points or miles that can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades, or other travel perks. Even infrequent travelers can benefit from these programs over time.

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