MB&F Astrograph Limited Edition Rhodium-Plated Fountain Pen


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It took one small step for Mr Maximilian Büsser to unveil his childhood dreams of travelling into space to Caran d’Ache’s creative teams, and another giant leap to enlist horologer MB&F to bring it to fruition in the form of the brand’s most complex writing instrument to date, the ‘Astrograph’. Requiring a total of 99 polished ruthenium and rhodium-plated components to complete the rocket-shaped pen body and more than 500 manual operations to produce each instrument, it’s fitted with an ink cartridge and rhodium-plated gold fountain nib. By deploying three articulated legs concealed in the ring of the pen, it’s possible to stabilise the body and display it on the accompanying launch-pad box ready for take-off with the miniature magnetic astronaut figurine in tow.