Smirnoff and Gorillaz Want to Spice Up Your Favorite Cocktails
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Smirnoff and Gorillaz Want to Spice Up Your Favorite Cocktails

October 25, 2022 Share

In a collaboration that brings together the world’s most famous vodka and the world’s most famous animated band, Smirnoff x Gorillaz is bringing us a limited edition vodka bottle and some spicy new cocktails.

We get it. It’s Friday night, you have some friends over, and somebody is making margaritas, or martinis. You love them – everybody does – but you can’t help but feel like there must be something more to it all. And there is. Cue in Smirnoff, who has partnered with Gorillaz on some exciting signature cocktails and limited edition vodka bottles (which you can purchase on Amazon from the 27th of October). The collaboration, which brings together the world’s most famous vodka and the worlds most famous animated band, will also see a truly original experience happening later down the year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Video courtesy of Smirnoff x Gorillaz

For the time being, however, enjoy Smirnoff x Gorillaz’s latest twist on your all-time favourites, crafted and catered by the Gorillaz band members themselves.

Smirnoff’s Vodka martini becomes the… Vodka Murdini

Image courtesy of Smirnoff x Gorillaz

Up until Smirnoff came along in the 1950s, martini’s were a gin affair, as nobody had tried mixing in some vodka instead. Up until now, we’re used to serving it with olives, but Gorillaz’s Murdoc Niccals (affectionately known as pickle due to his green skin) suggests we try garnishing it with precisely that; pickles.

Here’s how:


50ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka

15ml Belsazar Dry vermouth

10ml Olive brine

Dash of saline (optional)


For the prep, you’re to fill the cocktail shaker with ice, measure in the liquids in a jigger and pour into the cocktail shaker. Make sure you double strain into a cold martini glass before garnishing with your pickle.

The Smirnoff Vodka Manhattan becomes the… Smirnoff Brooklyn

Image courtesy of Smirnoff x Gorillaz

The Manhattan is another one of those cocktails that used to be served with another spirit, up until Smirnoff came along. For the Gorillaz collaboration, we’re not only replacing he whiskey for vodka, but adding some extra heat with a chilli twist and calling it a Smirnoff Brooklyn because that’s where Russel Hobbs is from.


50ml Smirnoff No21. Vodka

25ml Sweet Vermouth

2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

Chilli Slices

Whole large red chilli

Measure the vodka and vermouth in a jigger and pour into a mixing glass with ice before you add your angostura and chilli slices. Stir it all up until it’s cold, strain into a martini glass and garnish with that chilli.

The Smirnoff Vodka highball becomes the… Vodka Eyeball

Image courtesy of Smirnoff x Gorillaz

The highball is 1890s cocktail, but it wasn’t really living until the 1950s, when its brandy and whiskey got swapped out for vodka. For this special twist, 2D is bringing you the Vodka Eyeball, courtesy of his very iconic pair of eyes that for reasons unknown go from black to white.


50ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka

Soda water Fresh lemon juice

Eyeball gummies (optional)

Get that long glass of yours filled with ice and measure the vodka before pouring it. Top it with soda water, stir in the lemon and garnish with your eyeball gummies.

The Smirnoff Passionfruit martini cocktail becomes the… Sayonara Martini Cocktail

Image courtesy of Smirnoff x Gorillaz

Smirnoff and Gorrillaz are bringing your passion fruit martini to Japan thanks to guitar prodigy Noodle, with a funky addition of yuzu sake to the flavourful UK all-time favourite.


50ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka

25ml Yuzu Sake 15ml Vanilla Syrup

35ml Passion fruit puree

Half passion fruit to garnish

Fill that cocktail shaker with ice and all of the other ingredients which you’ll measure in a jiggle. Shake it all up until cold before you double strain and pour into a martini glass before garnishing.

With an exciting new cocktail menu, it’s perhaps time to throw a house party. Next Friday, anyone?

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