Reasons Why You Should Come to Brussels at Least Once
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Reasons Why You Should Come to Brussels at Least Once

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Discover Brussels and its sweet chocolate, peeing boy statue, and gigantic Atomium – but don’t forget to buy some waffles!

Despite its tiny size, Belgium is home to a wide variety of fascinating and distinctive sights. Stylish Brussels, brimming with fascinating historical and architectural landmarks, quaint and endearing Bruges, often referred to by the Belgians as a little Venice, Antwerp with its diamond district, and Leuven, home to the oldest university in the nation.

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Of course, the majority of tourists are advised to begin their Belgian ventures in Brussels. The Royal Museum and the Royal Galleries are located there, along with the well-known Pissing Boy. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors go to Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Flanders. The city of seven hills is now home to the UN office, the European Union’s headquarters, as well as the European capitals of beer and chocolate.

You should always keep a few practical life hacks in mind before leaving on a vacation to make it as comfortable and secure as you can. The city of Zaventem, where Brussels Airport is located, is 12 kilometres from the capital and has strong transportation connections. Using a train or a De Lijn bus is the most typical way to go to Brussels. But, you should focus on AtoB taxi Brussels airport if you desire comfort. AtoB airport transfer is a quick and dependable kind of transportation. You are independent of time, which is the biggest benefit of taking an airport taxi. You won’t get lost either since a chauffeur of your airport transfer will be waiting for you at the airport.

Belgian chocolate

Belgians make 220,000 tons of chocolate each year, and Brussels Airport leads the globe in sales of this treat. Not everyone travels to Brussels only to purchase chocolate. Book an airport transfer and get to any place in Brussels to explore chocolate museums, stroll down actual chocolate routes, partake in workshop tastings, meet passionate chocolatiers, pick their brains for tips, and make your own chocolate.

Manneken Pis

The peeing boy fountain is one of Brussels’s most popular tourist destinations. For this baby’s little frame, around 600 outfits were made so he could dress up for significant occasions. This little figure, which stands just 61 cm tall, is unknown as to its exact creation date and conditions. The youngster has presumably been “peeing” since 1388. It may be seen near Grand Place, the main city square, go here right after arrival by your AtoB airport taxi.


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The Atomium, which was constructed for the 1958 Expo, is another well-known location in Brussels. It is a component of the iron crystal lattice, whose size has grown by 165 billion times. It is made up of 9 enormous spheres, each measuring 18 meters in diameter, and the 20 pipelines that join them. An elevator in the central one may convey visitors in 25 seconds to a restaurant or an observation deck.

The nine spheres were intended to stand in for the nine Belgian regions, while the Atomium was meant to represent the advancement of human knowledge and technology. Now, the attraction’s music and exhibition spaces are open to guests, just hire an AtoB airport taxi to get there. Moreover, there is a souvenir shop and a dining establishment with a broad view of Brussels.

Mini-Europe Park

If you are unable to travel around all of Europe, you may still visit the Mini-Europe Park. Iconic buildings from all throughout Europe may be found here. You even don`t need to take an airport transfer, it is situated next to the Atomium, there are miniatures of well-known buildings and structures that are scaled at 1:75.

Costs for certain variants might reach 350,000 euros. Moreover, there are animations of a railway, mills, and Vesuvius’ explosion. The interactive exhibit “Spirit of Europe” is located at the conclusion of the journey. St. Mark’s Church in Zagreb, the Prague bells, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Speyer Cathedral in Germany are among the park’s highlights. And this is only a tiny portion.

King’s House

The King’s House is a historic structure from the 13th century that was formerly known as the Bread Rows and used as a storehouse for bakers. The structure was once a warehouse but was later transformed into the Duke’s tax office, his home, and finally a jail. The Duke’s House eventually became known as the King’s House.  The kings didn’t reside here, though. The structure underwent many reconstructions. In the 19th century, it developed its current Gothic appearance, which is lace-like. Come here by airport taxi and see this wonderful building. The City Museum, which is in the House, is home to a range of artwork from various national eras.

Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

The continent’s first indoor retail centres. established in 1847. The length of the glassed gallery corridor is 212 meters. It has stores, art studios, and dining establishments. There is a theatre, a movie theatre, and a manuscript and letter museum. Royal Saint-Hubert Gallery is conveniently accessible via AtoB airport transfer because it is located in the heart of Brussels and close to the Grand Place. The complex’s three galleries are opulently furnished. Several product categories are displayed, including famous Belgium candies as well as ethnic, vintage, and branded items.

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