PalaLeather UK is One of The Best High-Quality Leather Jacket Brands You’ll Find Online
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PalaLeather UK is One of The Best High-Quality Leather Jacket Brands You’ll Find Online

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From trench coats to mink-fur lined pieces, PalaLeather is the latest in online brands that create sophisticated leather pieces to spice up your winter wardrobe.

Image courtesy of PalaLeather

From fair to brown skin, PalaLeather knows what your limbs have been craving. Their soft genuine leather jackets are made to suit your style, with a trim cut and high-fashion details encapsulating a 90’s New Yorker on a busy Monday. Whether you’re looking for something classic or edgier, Palaleather UK has you covered.

A clutch of the finest Italian leathers and stitching is carefully worked into the PalaLeather jackets, which are expertly put together by skilled Italian craftsmen. It is a timepiece made to last, to protect from the elements and boastful of character.

PalaLeather knows how to make fashion fun. Their leather jackets are made from soft yet durable top-grain leather with a warm lining that’s just right for any climate. They are lined with brushed tricot fleece, making you feel cozy on those chilly evenings. Meanwhile, durable zip-up pockets give you extra storage. What more could you possibly want?

PalaLeather’s History

Let’s deviate for a second and take a trip to China’s Qing Dynasty. Here, quite a few years ago, we introduce Mr. Yang, a leather expert that became undoubtedly famous in the apparel industry for his craftsmanship in leather attire. Inspired by the classic Chinese style, Mr. Yang’s designs often featured gold and silver lines for a pop of texture, and floral patterns for an elegant look, accentuating physique and aesthetics.

Image courtesy of PalaLeather

A few years down the line, Mr. Lianzhen Yang (born in 1953 in Jianggezhou City, Hunan Province) decided to revive his family’s fashion brand that had first come to life during the Qing Dynasty with the aim of diversifying and creating new opportunities for him and his family, in 2002. With a great passion for fashion design and building it from scratch, they made their mark on the world of casual clothing by creating comfortable and elegant attires for both men and women.

From Italian leather to a family business with over 30 years of experience, their jackets, are (and have always been) made with genuine sheepskin leather, hand-sewn, and high-quality care, making them truly one of a kind. In turn, the Palaleather jackets are now much more than just a piece of clothing. They are an object with value, and Mr. Lianzhen Yang is passionate about restoring and manufacturing them with caring longevity.

Image courtesy of PalaLeather

The Leather Duster

In today’s modern society, men’s leather jackets are no longer foreign territory for denim. The leather duster is more than just a casual fashion item when it comes to dressing up, and has become a piece that can be used to distinguish one’s personality whilst granting an additional element of fashion to any simple look.

The Trench Coat

The PalaLeather Black Vegetable Tanned Goatskin Trench Coat is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions. This mid-length leather trench coat is made from 100% Goatskin Leather and has a buttoned closure and a leather belt to narrow the silhouette, whilst the interior is fully lined with a quilted fabric to keep you warm in winter. Clean, formal, and uncluttered, this jacket pairs well with a classy attire to grant sophistication. It’s a great option to brave the cold weather over a cup of coffee and a handbook in your barrel bag.

The Wind Jacket

You don’t have to be a hipster to fall in love with PalaLeather’s Black Goatskin Wind Jacket with Mink Fur. It’s mink fur lining may be one of its standouts, but what really makes this jacket one-of-a-king is the fact that it comes in two different styles. 

Neither is for purist fashion freaks— we’re talking about mink collars filled with down feathers or an all-natural mink interior. Either way, when the weather gets cold and you’re trying to warm up—look no further than their classy Trench Coat.

To sum, PalaLeather UK’s jackets are, therefore, investments you don’t want to miss. Shortlisted and stitched to perfection, their classic design jackets are suitable for any occasion and provide a touch of sophistication and luxury to whatever you decide to wear.

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