La Compagnie — A New Way To Fly
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La Compagnie — A New Way To Fly

March 28, 2022 Share

Flying is a luxury experience or a disastrous nightmare — but no longer do travellers need to risk the latter. A new company — La Compagnie — is offering business class flights to popular destinations.

When we say, business class flights, we don’t mean a section of the plane marked off for those travellers willing to shell out a bit more — we mean the entire aeroplane.

The flights on offer hold just 76-fully-flat seats so that the entire plane can travel in style. The company offers regular flights from New York to Paris and seasonal flights from New York to Nice.

From April 2022, flights begin from Paris to Tel Aviv as well as Paris to Milan, opening up the possibilities for luxury travel across Europe and the Middle East.

La Compagnie offers luxury flights from New York to Paris. New York Times Square pictured.
La Compagnie offers regular flights from New York to Paris. Credit: Luca Bravo

So, you have booked your ticket, what services do the company offer while you’re in the air?

Starting with the amenities, the seats are fully reclinable so that you can snooze your way across the Atlantic. If you prefer to stay awake and enjoy the ride — your area is equipped with a reading lamp, compartments for personal items with your own electrical outlets. Travel amenities are provided to keep you fresh on your journey while all the pillows and covers are anti-allergenic.

Entertainment on the flight comes in the form of a 15.6-inch screen with noise-cancelling headphones provided. A wide range of movies and shows are on offer as well as numerous music channels. Passengers will have access to tailored newspapers and magazines and free high-speed Wi-Fi for the duration of the trip.

La Compagnie is the next step in luxury travel. A view over the wing of an aircraft.
Fly in style with La Compagnie. Credit: Ross Parmly

Where La Compagnie really shines is with its in-flight dining service. Since its creation, chef Christophe Langrée has crafted a seasonal French menu for passengers.

“Taking people on a voyage is our business, both in the air and in their minds. Our cuisine plays a part in the La Compagnie journey. It always follows the seasons and our passengers’ gastronomic desires. Straight to the point, simple, and good, those are our guiding principles. From my native Brittany to my travels around the world, I have kept only the best to share with you,” says Langrée.

A plane taking off from a runway.
Credit: Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

In addition, the airline provides guests with an extensive selection of Champagnes and wines from Bettane x Desseauve to be enjoyed with their meals. The bottles are specifically chosen to accompany each meal and is something La Compagnie takes seriously.

“Food can’t be appreciated without a good wine. Organic wine is being served in the greatest restaurants. We wanted to invite La Compagnie’s passengers to discover this perfect way of appreciating their meals at 33,000 feet,” says Thierry Desseauve, Founder of Bettane x Desseauve.

Wine being poured into a glass.
La Compagnie offers organic wines for travellers to enjoy with their French Cuisine. Credit: Kevin Kelley

Finally, for any nervous fliers — La Compagnie offers an in-flight meditation channel. This service makes it a reality to work on your wellness at 33,000 feet.

All of this makes La Compagnie the next step in luxury travel across the Atlantic. To top it all off the company has luxury lounges in both Paris and Newark, where its flight from New York departs.

Whether travelling trans-Atlantic or across Europe and the Middle East on its soon-to-open routes, travellers won’t regret flying in style with la Compagnie.

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