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Kanye diggit? New Album Drops This Week

Kanye diggit? New Album Drops This Week

Rap Star, Fashion Mogul and Entrepreneur Kanye West is due to drop his new album any time now. Although rumours of a new album by West have been circulating for the past few months, filmmaker Arthur Jafa unwittingly spilled the beans that it would be this week.

Jafa was being interviewed by Michèle Lamy, fashion icon and wife of designer Rick Owens when he mentioned that he was working on a video for Kanye’s new album, “God’s Country”.

Arthur Jafa

Speculation from the music industry has it that Kanye’s experiential “Sunday Service Choir” events paired with his 2019 release ‘Jesus is King’ were a forerunner to the vibe and message of this new album; heavy on the religious messaging and filled with hope for the future.

Kanye – Sunday Service Choir

We can’t wait for this tenth studio album and look forward to making it the sound of the summer.

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