Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch: An Unusual Piece of Treasury
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Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch: An Unusual Piece of Treasury

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Have you ever heard about the Hallucination Watch? Just as per its name, this unique masterpiece will take you on a hallucinating trip. It is definitely unlike any other timepiece you’ll ever come across!

Imagine owning a watch so expensive that it has earned the moniker “world’s priciest quartz ticker.” Yes, you read correctly—a whopping $55 million! Unbelievable, huh? And here’s the thing: you’ll need a magnifying glass to see it because it is so blingy. But really, with a watch that’s almost a piece of art in and of itself, who needs to know the time?

Image Courtesy of Graff Diamonds

Graff Diamond’s Hallucination Watch

This watch turned heads when it was announced. Produced by Graff Diamond, this watch is the perfect blend of jewelry masterpiece and a valuable watch. The strikingly high price is due to 110 carats of extremely rare, extremely large colored diamonds securely encased in a platinum bracelet. Here, vivid yellow, intense pink, intense blue, light pink, light grey blue, intense blue, green, and orange are some of the really elegant hues that are being discussed. Furthermore, we provide an extensive variety of cuts, including round, marquise, emerald, radiant, pear, and heart shapes. All in one watch, it’s like a diamond rainbow!

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How Was The Watch’s Idea Created?

The Chairman of Graff Diamonds, Laurence Graff, originated the concept for this world-record watch. He declared that:

“For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our all-consuming passion for diamonds. The Hallucination has made my dream a reality,” continuing, “The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece, a celebration of the miracle of colored diamonds.”

Graff created the Graff Hallucination as a way to showcase their inventiveness and power in the diamond industry. This magnificent artwork demonstrated their exceptional skill and craftsmanship. Additionally, only the best stones are chosen for Graff’s jewelry because Laurence Graff is the primary stakeholder of SAFDICO, one of the top manufacturers of diamonds in South Africa. Graff is unique in the sector because of its dedication to quality.

Image Courtesy of Love Happens Mag

Remember, It Is Not Only A Piece of Jewelry, But a Timepiece As Well

Look attentively and you’ll see a little quartz dial set with pink diamonds that gracefully displays accurate timekeeping. This beauty operates without the need for automatic winding or power reserves for months. The hallucination of the Graff Diamonds? It’s a woman’s dream come true—or rather, a fantasy that has the potential to quickly cause a woman’s net worth to soar.

Why Was It Called Hallucination Watch?

This masterpiece was created over the course of two and a half years by a committed team of thirty Graff professionals, including designers, gemologists, and artisans. With its several stone cuts arranged on a platinum bracelet, Laurence’s elaborate design required accuracy.

The name “Hallucination” was probably inspired by the arrangement of the stones’ apparent lack of symmetry. Online watch lovers made the somewhat irreverent but appropriate comparison that it looked like unicorn vomit turned into a watch.

The irony of calling it a “watch” when it’s hardly readable irritated purists more than the obvious grandeur or resource excess. With the bezel and dial set with pink diamonds, it would be easy to overlook the little quartz watch tucked away among the sparkling jewels.

Graff appeared to be using the pairing of an understated quartz movement with a diamond bracelet as a ruse to label the Hallucination as a Baselworld watch. Many believed it was a squandered chance, believing that an exhibit of haute horology befitting such an exceptional display of jewels.

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