If DJs are the new rockstars then Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo is the John Lennon of electronic music. Better known by his stage name DJ Black Coffee, Nathi (to his friends), is a true phenomenon. Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Black Coffee has seen a meteoric rise in his career over the last 20 years – going from DJing pageants and small gigs to multi-platinum stardom and a residency at Ibiza’s most high profile nightclub, it seems nothing can stop Maphumulo. His rise, however, has not been an easy one. Like many great artists he has had to overcome insurmountable challenges, starting with the loss of his left arm (he was struck by a driver that ploughed into him and 35 other people whilst celebrating Nelson Mandela’s release in February 1990, resulting in the paralysis of his arm) through to combating stereotypes and racism in a euro-centric industry.  Not to be stopped, Black Coffee made the challenges zero in his determination and drive, working harder than anyone (among many other records he has the Guinness World Record for longest one-handed set; 60 straight hours) and focused on his goals. Fast forward to today and he is an icon for his country; achieving millions of sales on his 5 albums, collaborations with and praise from some of the world’s biggest stars, and becoming a house-hold name.  On this 2019 playlist, Coffee digs deep into his roots and combines his signature blend of African and South African music mixed with jazz, electro, house and other music forms.  If you want a further delve into the beats that inspire Black Coffee, check out his Gumbox online music portal – “a new platform for pan-African artists to earn money in an independent way from their music.” Maphumulo explains: “It’s like Spotify, but it’s more specific to an African market. Even in the way we want to do it. That’s what we want, to create a platform that understands the people that are consuming. We will have all different types of payment systems because Gumbox is for the world to come in and buy music, it’s not just for Africans. We want to create a home for our music, in any kind of genre.”
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