Want to know what an actor-cum-tech-investor listens to? Well, now you can. Ashton Kutcher made his name as a television and film star before wisely using his influence to create one of Silicon Valley’s most impressive investment portfolios. Creating A-Grade Investments alongside billionaires Ron Burkle and Guy Oseary, Kutcher has proven to have the midas touch, backing unicorns such as Uber, Airbnb and even Spotify among many others.  A shrewd investor, he openly admits that he got to where he is today by putting in the hard work and long hours alongside listening and learning from the top minds in the venture investment community.  He sought out top venture capitalists Ron Conway (an early PayPal and Google investor) and Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch) and just listened. According to a recent interview he did with Netflix’s Chelsea Handler, the most important thing he learned was that one should “Invest in the things that you know. If you drink beer all the time – if you go to microbreweries and you try all kinds of them – you probably know which ones are the best, and my advice is always to invest in what you know.” Once you know what you like, try to learn everything you can about it, “do online research, take online courses and talk to the experts and people in that industry.” Kutcher spent years perfecting his investment philosophy and his eye for potential winners, participating in over 177 funding rounds and even working inside startups themselves. Of course not all of them succeeded but he is first to admit that these were the best lessons for the future.   An avid music buff, Ashton brings in his red-blooded American upbringing and his international mindset through to his music taste, giving us a great sample of tunes to chill out, workout or drive along to. For an added bonus, check out his ‘Steve Jobs Prep’ playlist which he used to channel the great tech visionary in the award-winning 2013 film Jobs.
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