California’s Startups are Embracing YouTube
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California’s Startups are Embracing YouTube

December 1, 2023 Share

Let us introduce you to the key marketing player for Californian startups: YouTube. Here’s how it’s done.

The American business has gone through some significant changes in the last five years, and with everything from advancements in tech to the economy and the pandemic; new businesses in states like California have a lot more to consider about how they function in online spaces than they once did. It’s no longer a viable option to simply set up a website and use that as a base for operations for online services. Digital marketing is now a pivotal part of any business endeavors, even if they currently only operate in physical spaces. Right now, YouTube is the platform that should be on everybody’s social media marketing list – and more and more California startups are embracing its capabilities.

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A quick look at the benefits of social media for California businesses

Social media platforms can connect businesses with consumers around the world, and not only will the right content bring engagement, but also increase brand awareness, improve shareability, help new startups get established, and so much more. It gives individuals with little to no skills or knowledge in business the opportunity to make some extra income, even if they are not looking to quit their day jobs. No other form of marketing has the same level of functionality that can be found when using social media platforms, and as California has such a progressive and diverse workforce, it’s leading the way for new businesses across America.

Why is YouTube important for marketing? 

In 2023, platforms like Facebook are still highly popular in terms of commerce, but videos are beginning to lead the charge when it comes to engaging audiences and driving conversions. After all, videos can be entertaining, tell a story, have a stronger emotional impact, and encourage viewers to act on the spot. YouTube has the unique ability to reach audiences through a less direct approach to sales – and this is typically in the form of product placement and social influencing. As the modern consumer is now looking for a more personal approach to interacting with brands and the products and services they offer, as well as a faster way to consume content and learn about a business or what it sells in a matter of seconds, no other medium is quite as functional as video advertising.

How are California businesses embracing YouTube?

As businesses can now use free AI tools like CapCut’s YouTube video editor to make their own promotional videos and even create their own brand account to share them on (or use them as part of a wider advertising campaign), there is less worry about financial outlay and resources being used to create social media marketing strategies that have a significant impact – and this is causing more California startups to embrace their use

As more and more individuals are now wanting to establish themselves as social influencers, AI photo and video editing tools are quickly becoming a top choice across a host of niches. For example, it’s so simple to use a phone’s camera and film footage, before running it through the video stabilizer on CapCut, for high quality, professional looking content that won’t cost any more than a few seconds of the user’s time.

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