5 Celebrities’ Private Jets Unveiled
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5 Celebrities’ Private Jets Unveiled

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Traveling in style! Check out some of your favorite celebrities’ private jets, and explore a new world of luxury…

For celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Drake, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, private jets represent the height of style and elegance when it comes to flying. Instead of enduring the congestion of the airport, these jet-setting celebrities take private planes that cater to their schedules and demands for seclusion. Celebrities can fly hassle-free to red-carpet events or romantic family getaways by chartering flights or using their own private planes. Discover the appeal of private jet travel and the selection of opulent planes that the wealthy and well-known prefer!

Below are some of our favorite celebrities with their private jets.

John Travolta

John Travolta and his stunning collection of jets take center stage in our ranking. You know you’ve hit it big when you can pull your plane into your backyard and show it off in front of your mansion!

It is not an easy task to determine the fleet’s overall value. Travolta is obviously a dedicated aviation collector, as evidenced by his collection of 6–11 aircraft, which includes vintage gems like a Boeing 707, Challenger 601, and EA500.

Image Courtesy of Delicious

Oprah Winfrey

The talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, owns a private jet as well. Yes, she soars in her Gulfstream G550, which has an expansive cabin and many upscale amenities. For extra luxury, she has a private bedroom with a comfortable queen-sized bed on board. How about some stylish travel? In addition, Oprah’s production business, HARPO, lavished $42 million on a Global Express XRS that was specially designed by Bombardier Aerospace. It appears like Oprah is pushing the boundaries of luxury!

Image Courtesy of Wijet


Canadian artist Drake has a private Boeing 767-200ER, registered as N767CJ, and is quite the traveler. Curiously, Cargojet, an Ontario-based business, actually owns it, but in a cunning marketing ploy, they gave it to Drake. This airplane, also known as “Air Drake,” is furnished with opulent features including wall-to-wall carpeting, mirrored walls, luxurious gold and wood accents, velvet seats, and three cozy private cabins. This opulent aerial sanctuary’s specifics are definitely worth exploring!

Image Courtesy of Wijet

Celine Dion

The amazing artist Celine Dion certainly knows how to travel in luxury! You can catch a peek of her traveling the world for her concerts aboard a private Airbus A340-313. With a bedroom, office, and bathroom, this jet is like a miniature house in the sky—perfect for a busy celebrity like Celine!

Image Courtesy of Celine Dion’s Facebook Page

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has a keen interest in aviation outside of his Hollywood notoriety. Beyond his appearances in Top Gun and Mission Impossible, he has a deep love for aircraft. Actually, he owns two private aircraft. A vintage Gulfstream IV aircraft from the mid-1980s is one of them. It has a movie theater, a jacuzzi, and other high-end amenities. It is completely furnished. A 1946 vintage P-51 Mustang fighter that Cruise bought in 2001 is also his property. With these birds, he’s flying high off the screen as well!

Image Courtesy of Wijet
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