4 Steps for a Sun-kissed Glow
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4 Steps for a Sun-kissed Glow

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Looking for the ideal tan? Here’s how to get the best possible glow without catching a ray of sunlight.

The dangers of sunbathing and using sunbeds are well-known: damaged skin cells, accelerated visible signs of ageing and – in the worst cases – skin cancer. However, many of us love the look we get from spending time in the sun, and the boost in self-esteem that follows.

Thankfully, these days we can achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow safely by faking it until we make it! Follow these four steps for a lasting and natural-looking tan.

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Exfoliate your skin

The first step to achieving the perfect fake tan is to exfoliate your body from top to toe. This removes any dead cells and makes your skin ultra-smooth, helping to ensure an even application of tan when you get to that stage.

Use special body scrubs and/or an exfoliating mitt to properly exfoliate all areas without causing any damage to your skin, then rinse away in the shower.


Once you’re dry and warm, pick up your favourite moisturiser – the more hydrating the better – and smooth it all over your body. Tan can penetrate deeper into well-hydrated skin, so moisturising well beforehand leads to a richer tone and long-lasting results. 

Let your moisturiser sink in for at least an hour before moving on to step three.

Apply your tan

It’s time to apply your tan! Choose a high-quality tanning solution from a trusted brand in a shade that suits your skin tone. You can pick between lotions, mousses and oils in light, medium and dark shades. To deepen the tone and add luminescence, add an accelerator or bronzer.

When applying your tan, use smooth circular movements to avoid streaks, working methodically across your body to ensure even coverage and no gaps. Make sure you include the areas that are often hidden such as under your arms and work quickly if you’re using an instant tan that dries fast. Don’t forget to wear a tanning mitt to protect your hand during the process!

Once you’ve applied your tan all over, leave it to dry and develop for the recommended time for your particular product. Times vary, so be sure to always check the label.

The finishing touches

Are you headed on holiday or out for a special event? Don’t overlook the finishing touches that will have you turning heads! Oils and body lotions with a shimmer element will enhance the colour and make you shine, mimicking the glow of a natural tan.

Ensure your tan lasts as long as possible by keeping your skin well-hydrated with daily moisturising. Avoid scalding showers and relaxing in long hot baths as these dry out the skin and could result in peeling patches.

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